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Bytes: 17,822 Date: 12/06/90

HD and COM port Monitor w/ASM source

Bytes: 97,327 Date: 06/23/93

FORTH language compiler for computers running MSDOS

Bytes: 163,669 Date: 03/30/93

80xxx echo snippets file - great, free ASM source code, and 80xxx
related documentation

Bytes: 6,658 Date: 02/07/90

Sounds an alarm at the specified time

Bytes: 17,478 Date: 03/28/86

Generate ASM from executable files

Bytes: 154,783 Date: 06/14/92

Library of assembly-language subroutines with example source

Bytes: 27,556 Date: 01/24/89

Windows in assembler

Bytes: 6,475 Date: 03/10/89

BCD math package for C

Bytes: 68,472 Date: 07/10/86

Excellent Library of ASM routines

Bytes: 42,928 Date: 05/12/86

Tutorial on keyboard buffer

Bytes: 273,736 Date: 03/13/90

CAS API from Intel

Bytes: 37,377 Date: 03/01/93

Really great code and info for 32-bit protected mode .ASM programming

Bytes: 11,068 Date: 04/03/90

ASM communications source

Bytes: 5,358 Date: 02/18/90

Hard disk controller card reference

Bytes: 7,883 Date: 03/18/86

Template and sample source code for writing an MS-DOS device driver

Bytes: 11,977 Date: 01/03/92

Spawns Process & Places Return Codes in Environment as a String With
ASM source

Bytes: 16,952 Date: 04/22/90

Intelligent handeling of DOS critical errors (TSR), with source

Bytes: 5,533 Date: 11/17/91

Returns errorlevel based on free drive space and file size

Bytes: 1,133 Date: 09/01/90

Set the typematic delay and repeat rate for AT keyboards

Bytes: 20,755 Date: 12/22/90

ASM Source to format floppies

Bytes: 69,356 Date: 03/14/94

ASM src Joshua Jensen's GUSMOD 2.11 MOD player for Gravis UltraSound

Bytes: 3,887 Date: 10/20/90

Text file listing various graphics file formats: Dr Halo, LBM, IFF,
PCX, Targa & others

Bytes: 19,794 Date: 05/24/93

ASM src ModPlay 1.5 for Gravis UltraSound, 4, 6, 8 trak MODS

Bytes: 16,265 Date: 02/20/90

Hard disk reference

Bytes: 334,085 Date: 06/21/93

RL Help Engines/Help Compiler, Run-Time help: Dos; OS/2; DESQview/X;

Bytes: 3,726 Date: 06/19/94

Programming info for the QIC tape drives.

Bytes: 102,002 Date: 03/28/86

IBM/370 emulator

Bytes: 104,425 Date: 12/04/91

Core Wars game for PC & compatibles

Bytes: 99,341 Date: 12/08/90

Displays all kinds of neat things about your computer. Includes Pascal
and ASM source

Bytes: 12,644 Date: 05/14/86

Generate ASM from executable files

Bytes: 361,574 Date: 06/04/95

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 1 of 6

Bytes: 360,017 Date: 06/04/95

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 2 of 6

Bytes: 361,121 Date: 06/04/95

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 3 of 6

Bytes: 100,629 Date: 06/04/95

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 4 of 6

Bytes: 337,843 Date: 06/03/95

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 5 of 6

Bytes: 164,127 Date: 06/03/95

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 6 of 6

Bytes: 55,407 Date: 11/11/94

Converts Ralph Brown's Interrupt List to an Expert Help file

Bytes: 2,404 Date: 03/11/86

Shell for interrupt handler

Bytes: 32,676 Date: 10/07/89

Line printer output capture routine

Bytes: 15,795 Date: 12/22/87

Pop-up (TSR) ASM instruction reference for 8086 and 80286

Bytes: 61,346 Date: 12/08/87

EXE disassembler. Gets confused about the difference between data and
pointers to data, but still easier than doing it by hand.

1 of 3

Bytes: 61,342 Date: 12/08/87

2 of 3

Bytes: 35,312 Date: 04/21/88

3 of 3

Bytes: 4,081 Date: 07/17/93

Patch for PWB/CV/others; Fix mouse cursor placement problem; ASM src,

Bytes: 27,289 Date: 11/08/90

TSR Display of Mouse Functions, handy reference for any language

Bytes: 45,498 Date: 01/30/88

Public Domain source code to implement MNP 2 error correction.
Includes asynch comm routines.

Bytes: 183,824 Date: 05/14/93

Matt Pritchard's VGA X - ASM Mode X Library v1.04 .ASM source,
Font/Pallette editors, C/BASIC/PASCAL demos

Bytes: 1,936 Date: 08/11/91

Program to make [], (), and {} characters taller on EGA/VGA screen.

Bytes: 2,870 Date: 03/03/96

All the switch settings for the IBM PC's motherboard.

Bytes: 37,638 Date: 11/11/87

ASM communication source

Bytes: 9,420 Date: 08/20/91

ASM routines for MicroSoft Mouse.

Bytes: 3,572 Date: 01/23/93

List of PC/XT/386 I/O ports

Bytes: 4,676 Date: 09/13/86

Extensive documentation on the parallel port

Bytes: 14,957 Date: 09/19/92

QIC-117 specifications

Bytes: 2,614 Date: 11/14/91

Tips for building a QIC driver and the phone # for the Quarter Inch
Standards group

Bytes: 32,699 Date: 08/13/93

Source code for ZyXELs RCVFAX program

Bytes: 2,394 Date: 01/02/92

ASM function for large model C programs to fully resolve DOS paths PD

Bytes: 10,955 Date: 11/27/92

Capture screen to PCX file. No source, but does include an *excellent*
descritpion of the PCX file format

Bytes: 7,126 Date: 02/25/92

Programming info for sound blaster

Bytes: 11,285 Date: 08/08/89

Extended setup program for Chips and Technologies Chipset (use
SETUP386 at your own risk, you can really hose your system)

Bytes: 13,147 Date: 01/21/88

Tell old AT's that you have 1.44 meg floppies

Bytes: 5,467 Date: 12/23/88

EGA/VGA smooth scrolling demo With Source

Bytes: 205,718 Date: 03/23/94

Updates for the 80x393 ASM snippets file

Bytes: 14,655 Date: 03/25/91

Direct Video Routines Mono/CGA/EGA all source in Turbo ASM

Bytes: 35,160 Date: 01/20/91

Skeletal ASM code to use in your own TSR's which use DOS function

Bytes: 2,079 Date: 05/31/88

Toggle keyboard shift states (Caps, Num Lock, etc.)

Bytes: 14,618 Date: 11/09/88

Direct video routines with ASM source

Bytes: 706,405 Date: 03/13/94


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