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Bytes: 93,321 Date: 05/22/91

AWK text processing language

Bytes: 266,687 Date: 10/13/90

All kinds of goodies. Menu source code generator, PCX, graphics, etc

Bytes: 8,388 Date: 03/05/86

Re-indents C source code

Bytes: 19,697 Date: 06/30/90

C Source beautifier

Bytes: 10,623 Date: 03/22/89

SPX chat program

Bytes: 35,173 Date: 01/17/92

IPX chat program with C cource

Bytes: 178,957 Date: 12/01/92

DDE Client Sample Source

Bytes: 173,968 Date: 01/07/93

Excellent C / C++ lint program. More warnings and errors than your
compiler ever thought about

Bytes: 54,821 Date: 03/05/94

FAQ regarding C programming from Comp.Lang.C

Bytes: 52,566 Date: 12/13/85

A fun and easy way to learn C

Bytes: 55,040 Date: 04/17/94

Bob Stout's experimental encrypt/deccrypt program from the FIDO C_Echo

Bytes: 232,172 Date: 10/12/94

DDE Sample Source code and information

Bytes: 52,294 Date: 10/12/94

DDE Sample Source code and information

Bytes: 342,344 Date: 12/01/92

DDE Sample Source code and information

Bytes: 134,394 Date: 10/12/94

DDE Sample Source code and information

Bytes: 155,807 Date: 10/12/94

DDE/OLE information and sample source

Bytes: 145,448 Date: 10/12/94

Sample DDE Server

Bytes: 217,823 Date: 04/12/93

Disk 1 of the ProAudio Spectrum 16 developer's kit.

Bytes: 373,726 Date: 04/12/93

Disk 2 of the ProAudio Spectrum 16 developer's kit.

Bytes: 562,297 Date: 02/19/92

DPMI programming toolkit for C/C++ from Qualitas. Free!

Bytes: 13,215 Date: 03/07/92

'C' routines for parsing Fidonet addresses (Full 5D)

Bytes: 20,805 Date: 10/06/91

Critical error management technique demo

Bytes: 60,308 Date: 05/29/94

Inter-BBS Door Tookkit for C/C++

Bytes: 59,448 Date: 05/30/93

Source code indenter with source!

Bytes: 7,626 Date: 11/03/91

Jonathan Guthrie's arithmetic expression interpreter (ANSI C) Ver. 1.1

Bytes: 76,349 Date: 10/15/94

1994 IOCCC (Obfuscated C) Winnners.

Bytes: 93,950 Date: 03/21/92

Jpeg convert with source

Bytes: 17,674 Date: 03/12/91

Unix sh-style regular expression parser

Bytes: 228,989 Date: 10/16/94

MEGIK v1.1 Multi-Platform GUI Toolkit for DOS/ Windows/ OS/2 /
Borland, MSC

1 of 2

Bytes: 183,743 Date: 09/20/94

MEGIK v1.1 Multi-Platform GUI Toolkit for DOS/Windows/OS/2 Borland,MSC

2 of 2

Bytes: 36,778 Date: 12/01/91

Millisecond resolution timer

Bytes: 1,888 Date: 08/25/91

Phone number to word

Bytes: 753,516 Date: 05/26/94

ObjectEase 3.0 Interface library for Borland C++. Supports
text/graphics modes

Bytes: 558,312 Date: 09/24/94

OpenDoors 5.00 - Easy to use BBS door programming toolkit for C/C++.

Bytes: 38,075 Date: 10/20/92

C source to browse packet information

Bytes: 76,862 Date: 06/15/93

Update for ProtoGen

Bytes: 82,570 Date: 12/24/89

Excellent fireworks display with C source

Bytes: 3,791 Date: 12/17/92

Fast search ANSI C source


Bytes: 64,478 Date: 10/19/94

REG'EM v1.0, Program to create Registration key's for your C program.

Bytes: 14,345 Date: 01/03/92

Regular expression evaluator

Bytes: 274,733 Date: 06/05/94

RegKey Registration Key System for C/C++ compilers

Bytes: 445,433 Date: 03/06/93

SBPro & other PC sound devices shareware toolkit-DOS C version of

Bytes: 393,872 Date: 10/21/94

Ruckus 1.1 soundcard toolkit for DOS C/C++

Bytes: 323,655 Date: 04/10/92

C source code for the Sound Blaster

Bytes: 5,279 Date: 05/06/92

Interrupt driven serial communications from Borland

Bytes: 968,391 Date: 07/05/97

Bob Stout's absolutely awesome collection of public domain C and C++
source code

If you write more than 5 lines of C a year, GET THIS!

A must have, first download item for any C programmer.

Bytes: 131,388 Date: 12/01/92

DDE Server

Bytes: 53,129 Date: 02/10/92

Stealth Bomber Anti-Virus source code. Make your programs resistant to

Bytes: 22,461 Date: 03/24/92

String++ v1.1 String class for BC/TC C++. AWK-style funcs,docs,demo,&

Bytes: 189,052 Date: 03/05/94

TGE v1.31 VGA/SVGA library for C/C++; extract with PkUnzip -d

Bytes: 141,340 Date: 06/09/94

Tony's Challenge from the International C_Echo.

Bytes: 19,973 Date: 06/14/87

TSR tutorial for Turbo C. Clock w/ source included

Bytes: 13,335 Date: 08/23/91

C source to extract lzexe'd files

Bytes: 82,981 Date: 02/09/94

VGAKIT v6.0 Toolkit with C/ASM source

Bytes: 13,549 Date: 04/27/94

Technotes for WinFaxPro

Bytes: 3,336 Date: 03/03/96

Information on optaining the WinFaxPro API

Bytes: 26,158 Date: 12/23/93

Sample code for adding FAX capabilities to a Windows app

Bytes: 52,239 Date: 05/04/93

Lots of technotes for WinFaxPro

Bytes: 34,808 Date: 11/24/86

ZMODEM source code

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