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Bytes: 1,365,346 Date: 1995-03-21

International Patch for 5.2e version.

Bytes: 1,364,616 Date: 1995-03-21

US Patch for 5.2e version.

Bytes: 498,225 Date: 1997-05-20

The Clipper 5.3 'B' patch. U.S. version.

Bytes: 660,317 Date: 1997-05-20

The Clipper 5.3 'B' patch. International version.

Bytes: 11,394 Date: 1992-10-19

Fixes an array problem in 5.01a patch

Bytes: 205,735 Date: 1992-03-31

Nantucket Clipper 5.01 Rev.129 update

Bytes: 295,449 Date: 1992-09-07

Upgrade Clipper 5.01 to 5.01a

( don't forget the above patch )

Bytes: 732,341 Date: 1996-05-20

Clipper 5.3a International Patch, Disk 1

Bytes: 671,605 Date: 1996-05-20

Clipper 5.3a International Patch, Disk 2

Bytes: 724,420 Date: 1996-05-20

Clipper 5.3a U.S. Patch, Disk 1

Bytes: 671,595 Date: 1996-05-20

Clipper 5.3a U.S. Patch, Disk 2

Bytes: 8,906 Date: 1995-10-04

Latest patch for Clipper 5.3. Contains SORTOF.OBJ and more.

Bytes: 48,508 Date: 1995-09-20

Norton Guide of Clipper User Groups.

Bytes: 620,965 Date: 1993-12-15

CA-Clipper Tools
Version 3.0
Protected-Mode Upgrade
December 1993

This file contains an upgrade to CA-Clipper Tools, Version 3.0, so
that it can be used with CA-Clipper/ExoSpace to create applications
that run in protected-mode.

Bytes: 100,044 Date: 1993-11-05

Computer Associates is proud to present the 1993 CA Directory of
Applications and Solutions for CA-Clipper. This directory lists a
variety of add-on and vertical market applications that either use or
complement CA-Clipper. These products are sold and supported by
members of the CA Development Partner Program (CA DPP). In addition to
products, the directory provides listings of Recognized Training
Centers, Consultants, books and publications on CA-Clipper.

Bytes: 223,264 Date: 1995-08-07


The Option Editor, OPTEDIT.EXE, is a utility that allows you to change
the behavior of your CA-Clipper applications which have been linked
using ExoSpace. In most cases, your CA-Clipper executable files will
behave as you need them. However, if you want to change one or more
behaviors of your application, the option editor gives you this
flexibility. OPTEDIT is run from the DOS command line.

Bytes: 878,621 Date: 1995-09-01

Clipper Tools III upgrade patch. This fixes many bugs in CTIII
running in protected mode, and allows CTIII to be used with
CA-Clipper 5.3.

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