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Bytes: 260,347 Date: 1994-10-27

Bytes: 336,149 Date: 1994-10-27

Bytes: 209,246 Date: 1994-10-27

Builder 2.2 is a code generator and function library which makes
developing professional Clipper systems easy. Builder creates
mouseable applications. Many window types available: Dialog, Picklist,
TBrowse, Handcode, File Maintenance, Related Maintenance. Also
includes a report code generator. Includes extensive function library.

Bytes: 589,794 Date: 1997-05-17

The demonstration version of Blinker 3.2 contains all the features of
the commercial version, so that you can try our product on your own
code. The only restrictions imposed are that any program created with
the demonstration version will:

a) terminate after 5 minutes of execution
b) display a message at program termination indicating that the
program was linked with a demonstration Blinker. You will then
be asked to enter a sequence of 4 keystrokes to return to DOS.

You cannot create your own demonstration programs with the
demonstration version of Blinker. Also the Windows .EXE creation
capability of Blinker 3.2 has been disabled for this demo.

Bytes: 1,085,886 Date: 1996-03-23

The demonstration version of Blinker 4.0

Since this needs to be installed to see what's in it, I'll assume it
has the same limitations as above.

Bytes: 76,234 Date: 1994-11-08

The Professional Calculator for Clipper (tm) was written and produced
by Jim Gale of Touchstone Business Creations.

The CALC and all included functions are written entirely in Clipper
5.x; however, one additional function has been added to the CALC.LIB
taken from the public domain library called NANFOR.LIB. The function
is FT_NUMLOCK() which allows CALC to get/set the status of the
numlock. This is written in C and was added to CALC.LIB under the same
name to prevent function duplication for developers who use

Bytes: 228,588 Date: 1997-05-17

A Clipper Graphic Print System ...

* Who should read further on ?

Developer of Clipper 5.x applications, who would like to include
LIBRARIES and more.

E.g. put 72pt text on labels for pricing or use a gothic like print
style on printers, which usually have only courier style. Make sure,
your application also will print the same way on a matrix printer, not
only on some kind of postscript or laserjet printers. Feel free to
design, scale, modify, create, effect any of your favorite fonts, pass
them to CB_GPR1x and use them together with or instead of plain text
in your CLIPPER application reports, no need for font cartridges for
lasers, no need for laser-printer at all, no Postscript required at
all, nearly same printout style on matrix printers. Use multiple
graphic fonts in your output to enhance the information. Use only a
few symbols as a kind of 'font' to make your printout look like made
with some graphical application.

Evaluation version allows limited usage.

Bytes: 1,073,476 Date: 1995-08-02

Bytes: 1,333,566 Date: 1995-08-02

Evaluation edition of Light Lib 4.10. There was no readme file.

Bytes: 1,421,572 Date: 1995-05-22

dBsee 4.1 is a CASE tool for CA-Clipper 5.2 applications, that let you
save up to 90% of development time.

dBsee 4.1 applications support the MOUSE, provide a standard CUA
interface, and fully exploit the power of CA-Clipper 5.2 for handling
database manipulation in record times.

dBsee 4.1 applications are executable files, DO NOT NEED EXTERNAL
LIBRARIES, and can be freely distributed with NO ROYALTES.

dBsee 4.1 is a real CASE tool, which provides support in ALL

dBsee 4.1 allows to quickly develop PROTOTYPES of your applications.
Prototypes can be built in few hours, and can be then enhanced to
become the final application.

dBsee 4.1 generated programs can be accessed and modified by
programmers. A REVERSE ENGINEERING system is used for preserving
manual modifications in all successive generations. You can also
insert code that exploits external libraries and add your personal

dBsee 4.1 is an integrated development environment, made of different
cooperating tools.

Bytes: 1,359,788 Date: 1995-04-04

Display floppy drive types + sizes - need Nanforum Lib

Bytes: 7,943 Date: 1996-05-09

Documentation/White Paper about the new Fortress Client server from
the makers of Comix.

Bytes: 298,170 Date: 1995-05-15

Note from Phil:
Unfortunately, since this library was created, Grumpfish has gone out
of business and is no longer selling or supporting the Grumpfish

Grumpfish Library Version 4 Demo

If your time is valuable to you, start saving it with Grumpfish
Library. Grumpfish Library does the work while you get the praise!

Grumpfish Library enables you to create CA-Clipper programs that will
dazzle your clients and increase your profitability, while slashing
your development and maintenance time. Unlike some products, you will
not have to spend hours learning Grumpfish Library... the
documentation and syntax are as comfortable as an old pair of jeans.
Novice CA-Clipper developers can integrate Grumpfish modules into
their programs within minutes of breaking the shrink-wrap. Advanced
CA-Clipper developers will appreciate Grumpfish Library's power and
flexibility (particularly the CA-Clipper 5.2 version).

Grumpfish Library is written 99.99 percent in CA-Clipper. (Assembler
is used only for transparent shadowing). Two versions of the source
code are provided: one fully optimized for CA-Clipper 5.2 and another
for CA-Clipper 5.01 (Summer '87 source code is also available free of

We give you the source code for these important reasons: (a) it
liberates you to modify functions as needed to suit your specific
needs; (b) it educates and inspires you to create more efficient and
powerful code; and (c) it frees you from reliance on the developer
(unlike many products which are completely proprietary).

Grumpfish Library is fully optimized to take advantage of CA-Clipper
5.2. It uses LOCAL and STATIC variables exclusively, and takes full
advantage of CA-Clipper's TBrowse, TBColumn, Get, and Error object
classes, nested and resizeable arrays, codeblocks and the
preprocessor. If you are still in the process of converting from
Summer '87 to CA-Clipper 5.x, having both versions of the Grumpfish
source code gives you an invaluable head start.

Grumpfish Library includes two years free unlimited on-line support,
250+ pages of printed documentation, and a comprehensive Norton Guides
reference database. Grumpfish Library also includes the traditional
Grumpfish unlimited royalty-free integration license. Start saving
time now with Grumpfish Library!

Bytes: 1,330,895 Date: 1997-11-29

The demo version of my POS system. A very accomplished Point of Sale
system for small business. Limited to 50 inventory items and expires
on 1998/06/01. Otherwise, this is the complete install. Upgrade to
full version with key. No data lost.

Bytes: 12,822 Date: 1994-04-06

Light and Dark barcode library demo version.

Bytes: 664,315 Date: 1994-07-07

Unlike other "demo" disks you might have received, this Multi-Edit
demo is truly a FULLY FUNCTIONAL copy of the editor! ANY SIZE FILE
may be loaded, edited and saved.

The differences between the demo and the full product are:

1. The introductory screens, which may not be bypassed.

2. The on-line help and user's guide is more limited, and there is no
macro language reference manual.

3. The following advanced features are not included: Network
Support, Macro Debugger, Print formatter, Spell checker and
Communications Module.

4. Configuration changes last only for the current session and may
not be saved.

5. Technical support and maintenance updates are not included

6. The DEMO takes much longer to load, and uses more memory than the
regular Multi-Edit.

7. The macro compiler and macro source is not included.


The Demo now contains a fully functional demo of the add-on product
EVOLVE. This is a super-charged programming environment for Xbase
languages Clipper, Dbase, Dbase for Windows, FoxPro and Arago. You'll
notice upon startup of Multi-Edit that you are prompted for one of 4
function keys. Choose the one for Evolve to enable the Evolve Demo!

Bytes: 631,003 Date: 1995-08-07

This is a demo of MrDebug 1.1. The latest release of the only real
debugger for CA-Clipper.

This demo was linked with Blinker in protected mode and demonstrates
MrDebug's unique ability to handle GPFs.

This is a sample applet linked with MrDebug - the ALL NEW singing and
dancing debugger from the UK. MrDebug includes source code colour
syntax highlighting, a class browser for objects, and enhanced dbflist
for viewing SIX and COMIX data tables, full use of 132x60 and all this
still works in protected mode. tested with Blinker, Causeway, Exospace
and .RTLink.

A serious 'must have' product for Clipper developers. The best thing
for Clipper since Nantucket came into existence. If you use Clipper
you NEED this product

Bytes: 599,282 Date: 1997-05-17

The demonstration version of NOVLIB 2.1.

The demonstration version of NOVLIB contains all the features of the
commercial version, so that you can try our product on your own code.
The only restrictions imposed are that any program you create can only
be linked using the special demonstration version of Blinker
(see BLIDEMEN.ZIP above) which will cause the program to:

a) terminate after 5 minutes of execution
b) display a message at program termination indicating that the
program was linked with a demonstration of NOVLIB using a
special version of the Blinker Linker.

Bytes: 392,842 Date: 1994-03-11

RESCUE 5 - Clipper 5.x Decompiler - Demo Version

Bytes: 892,940 Date: 1995-07-02


This Library will run Clipper in full graphic mode. It contains over
180 functions that allow the building of GUIs, graphical data bases
and much more. It comes with extra icons, fonts, and high level
functions that allow the user to select colours, set cursor settings
and and so forth. It also contains list boxes, message boxes, scroll
bars, progress bars and more.

It also contains a SCREEN PAINTER / CODE GENERATOR used to build
menus, drop down windows, buttons and all the other tools to form a
complete application.

Graphics is fast becomming the norm for Clipper programs. The Rich
Graphix Library is the largest and most complete graphics library
available on the market today.

The Library was developed because many of our own customers wanted
programs that were more 'user friendly' and had windowing and graphics
capability, particularly a Graphical User Interface or GUI.

The Library itself is a balance between providing a good set of
primitives to allow you to custom design your own windows, logos and
images, and higher level functions that do complex tasks such as
windows, list boxes, colour settings, cursor control, scroll bars and
so forth. A full set of mouse functions is also provided. The Library
contains over 180 high power functions to give you all the graphic
programming power you will need.

Also provided with the library is the source code to the demonstration
database program so that you can see just how graphics programming is
done in Clipper. Nothing helps speed programming more than having real
live examples to guide you. The demo program uses most of the library
and all of the most often used functions.

Bytes: 444,894 Date: 1995-07-13

SmartLog(tm) v 3.5 DEMO - Runtime Error Handling & Recording Library
for DOS Clipper 5.x applications. Provides automatic logging to file,
printing and viewing of complete state of the program, system and
debug info. For documenting errors & remote debugging. Safe - uses no
internals. Custom log files. Network-ready. ExoSpace/Blinker 3
compatible. Many options. Both EXE & LIB. From Omicron.

Bytes: 264,103 Date: 1997-05-17

Sound & Vision for Clipper demonstration program, a _must_ look
product. Provides functions for accessing your sound cards, CD-ROMs
and a terrific DOS Windowing library that rivals MS Windows including
all the Windows type Controls. Sound & Vision 2.05 is available from
Omicron Software NOW. This zip contains sample source code and NG
Fully Functional Eval Edition

Bytes: 379,668 Date: 1996-07-08

The demonstration version of Valkyrie CA-Clipper decompiler for 5.0x and

Bytes: 951,565 Date: 1995-07-17

This is a demo version of a Windows version of DBU.

This demo insists on a 30 second startup timer which is forced to
being your top window, effectively stopping you from doing anything
useful for that time, even in other programs, and a 10 minute overall

Advertised as shareware, but I can't find any mention of price.

Annoyware at it's finest.

Bytes: 678,882 Date: 1996-01-07

The windows version of the MultiEdit demo. Since this has to be
installed to see what's in it, and has no readme file, little
description is available. See for the details of the DOS
version. This was downloaded from the American Cybernetics ftp site.

Bytes: 1,081,907 Date: 1997-05-17

WinDos53 is a DOS based library add-on for CA-Clipper version 5.3.
The package features many new innovative classes and functions to
permit the programmer to quickly develop event-driven applications.

Clipper (tm) 5.3 and Class(y) 2.4 is required to use this package.

The main feature of the package is its ability to create windows and
dialogs quickly and easily with a minimum of code. All calls and
functions are from an xBase command set unique to this product.

The features of WinDos53 include:

Window class
Dialog class
Table class for DBF management
Folder class
TGET, a get browse dialog
MGET, a memo field GET Class
Dynamic get objects for all GUI controls
Enhanced Browse with scrollbar options
Easy to use All Purpose Report Writer
Message box Class
Progress Meter Class
ToolBar Class
and much more.....

For further information regarding this fabulous new product, contact
us by e-mail at:
CIS: 76511,1036

Note: This version of WinDos53 is distributed as shareware. It is a
fully functional release however it has the requisite "nag" screen
urging the user to register the product. Full registration information
is contained in the the download version.

Bytes: 162,175 Date: 1996-01-21

WWPACK is a powerful EXE file compressor. The tightest compression.
Squeezes EXE files, compresses relocation tables, optimizes headers,
protects EXE files from hacking.The only EXE compressor distributed
with shell and virus detection programs! WWPACK package includes
PASCAL procedures, EXEINFO util. Public domain CRC program (with
Pascal source!) will find damaged WWPACKed EXE files.

Bytes: 578,286 Date: 1994-01-25

A demo of Pepijn Smits 'Expand Library'.

Built with MultiEdit Fiberhosting.COM Matrix List Mirabilis ICQ ICRA Safe Surf

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